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Product Details

  • Premium Quality 100 mesh Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
  • It makes delicious and healthy foods in your cooking style
  • Zero additives, Non-GMO, 0% Sulfur
  • Ultra-low Couperin(0.01%)
  • Authorized Ceylon Cinnamon Exporter in Export Development Board Sri Lanka
  • Not blended or diluted with any other cinnamon powder
  • Packed securely with a foil cover
  • CEYLON GOLDEN CINNAMON ships Ceylon Cinnamon powder worldwide directly from Sri Lanka(Ceylon).(Manufactured and Packed in Ceylon)


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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is one of the most popular products of the cinnamon family. Cinnamon powder is also known as ground cinnamon, It grinds from dried inner barks of cinnamon trees. Ceylon Golden Cinnamon provides high-quality Ceylon cinnamon powder using advance grinding processing. We use air cooling grinding machine for protecting all the natural flavor and aroma. Explore the taste of the World’s best Cinnamon Powder from Sri Lanka.

Uses of Cinnamon Powder

  • This high quality 100 mesh Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (Scientific Name: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) is perfect to add into tea or coffee.(And also, for Desserts, tea and fruit, european Cuisine, baking, custard, pie, ice cream, pudding, whipped cream)
  • Not only that, It has amazing health benefits.
  • It is nice for preparing “cinnamon water”.
  • Cinnamon powder can be used in a range of dishes(Cookies, cake and many recipes).
  • Ceylon cinnamon doesn’t bring the toxicity risk of cassia cinnamon. Home-made cinnamon water using cinnamon powder is a perfect herb for high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Ground Cinnamon is a low-calorie spice in spice family.
  • True Cinnamon provides about 10% of the daily recommended fiber, 6% daily calcium and 10% daily iron requirements in two teaspoons of cinnamon powder.

Tips for Storage cinnamon powder

When time runs out, cinnamon loses fragrance and color like other all spices, so we make sure to protect them as much as possible, read the below tips:

  • Keep away from sunlight or moisture
  • Try to keep the cinnamon powder in an air sealed bottle in a cool place
  • Refrigerating cinnamon powder and spices are not recommended due to the high humidity level

Do You Buy Real Ceylon Cinnamon Powder?

When you buy Ceylon cinnamon powder among many of Ceylon cinnamon brands at the supermarket(Buying Tips), It might look like Ceylon cinnamon, but there’s a huge possibility that it’s not real Ceylon cinnamon. There are many places to buy ceylon cinnamon powder, but all are not real.

There is a difference of Coumarin levels between real ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon(fake). Coumarin level in Ceylon Cinnamon runs at 0.002-0.004 w/w but Cassia Cinnamon runs at 0.18 w/w.(we send our test reports and certificates(certified by National Plant Quarantine Service and Agriculture Department in Sri Lanka) with the order).

Where to buy Ceylon Cinnamon Powder?

There are many online sellers, especially when you buy cinnamon on online stores, The majority of them are selling Cassia Cinnamon masquerading as Ceylon Cinnamon. Before you decided to buy, you had better ask for their test report for each batch. We recommend our Ceylon cinnamon because Our cinnamon is harvested by small rural groups of farmers in our country(Sri Lanka) and brought to our facility for processing high-quality pure Ceylon Cinnamon, we process and pack securely under our expert’s observation. We proudly present our Ceylon cinnamon powder for the world’s retail and wholesale market.

Ceylon Golden Cinnamon – Authorized Ceylon Cinnamon Exporter in Export Development Board  Sri Lanka Reg No: E19050001083).

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